Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A long long time ago, in the bastide town of Navarrenx

It was dusk. JJ sat by a cobblestoned road. He'd sat here a century, waiting for *the* day, but it never seemed to come. This evening, he sensed, was going to be different.

A sun-blonde gypsy had been trudging all over town, searching for any signs of nightlife, for he'd done nothing, seen no sights, danced no jigs ever since he got here and had no place to sleep. He seemed well under the weather for it was chilly, and he had on but a shimmery, slight shirt.

He posed his problem to JJ.

JJ: "Cold, eh? nowhere to lay down the old bone-sack, eh? It's obviously a rhume and bored situation."

So saying, JJ cackled himself into the afterlife.

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Abe said...

so this is what you're up to in that little cubicle of yours... I hope it closes in on you, all sides at once, and squashes you into a pulpy mass that leaves indelible stains the linoleum floor.
Also, if its home-grown puns and whatnot you're looking for, hit up - sunil chandy's blog. cheers.