Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Superheroes - I

I'd always known I was a superhero. Thing is though, I didn't come with a manual, so it'd been a struggle trying to discover my particular powers.

Now I haven't tried jumping off the roof of my building ala Shaktiman. I did debate it with myself though. Realised the odds were high that the flight path mightn't pan out as planned. That said, I have made other efforts. I have an hour-long video, taken on the front porch, of myself leaning slightly forward, an arm outstretched over my head. I'd decided to record this in the event that take-off was achieved... The tape today rests in my basement, marked "Attempt 1".

Of course, flight and levitation aren't the only markers of a superhero. I've dabbled in web slinging and getting really angry, in weather-bending and elasticising my limbs. The results have all sadly been dodgy.

I've had a gaggle of exotic creatures bite and sting me, have spent nights in particle accelerators and nuclear plants, but my powers have remained dormant.

Until yesterday.

I was in a taxi, making my way to a downtown meeting during rush hour. My cabbie was making exceptional time through traffic and I got to my destination well before I needed to. The meeting was a short one, and when I stepped back out onto the street, I found the cab driver still parked where I'd left him. He was sifting his beard through his fingers, furrowed brows and all. be continued...

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