Thursday, July 03, 2008


What this post isn't: Examples of rhythm in nature, a treatise on how life parallels rhythm or how rhythm is where music began

What it is: An appreciation of rhythm

Take a metronome pulsing at a fair clip. Add a second metronome that beats at half the speed, synced with the first and you have your basic 4/4 going. Turn this system on and leave it by a kettle of water on medium heat. Come back in 6 minutes and look at how the bubbles in the boiling water react to the sound.

Fine, so there's no relation...but there could've been.


Anonymous said...

Respected Sir,

You should have left that last line out. Countless of us would have gone and tried the experiment otherwise, no doubt!

-Michael Jayasuriya

indra said...

hehe :) MJ, thanks for reading, and more so for commenting. I'd debated adding that last line with myself.

The expt seemed almost plausible, didn't it? You and I both knew that nothing was going to come of it, but for a moment, there was a fascinated sense of expectation..The last line swiftly brought us back to reality, disappointing us.

I think it's in that twinge of disappointment that we discover our innate appreciation of rhythm.

Abe said...

ah this sounded very much like the set-up to the next youtube meme (a la the coke-mentos explosion)... you have no idea what leaving the last line out would have done for kettle sales among US uni students. Tcha, no business sense, this one.