Monday, December 21, 2009

Indian Winter

I'm in Bangalore for the next couple of weeks. It's sweater weather, and there's not a chance of snow. The idea is to put my feet up and do little - very very little. The agenda is to meet old friends, and check off the usual offenders:
1. Fanoos rolls
2. Avatar 3D
3. Gemini Circus
4. Talk to local politicians about the progress with the Metro project
5. Cleanse the city of all pollution
6. And all corruption, while I'm at it

More updates to follow in this post.

1 comment:

Rheea said...

Hope you solved the whole corruption thing there. Circus-tsk tsk tsk, don't support institutes that have such little regard for animal rights, and pull out the fanoos roles while you are at it! that said- where the heck have you been? I demand a long form of communication! NOW!