Sunday, August 15, 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010

From numerous articles on the net about the mismanagement of funds at CWG 2010, here are some gems:

  • 1 Treadmill rented for Rs. 10 lakh ($21, 500 US) for a period of 45 days
  • 1 roll of toilet paper - bought for $89
  • Payment of $429,000 to a British film company (AM films) helmed by one Ashish Patel, to supply outdoor display units for a ceremonial function in London last year. The firm had a paid-up capital of £1 and one share held by Ash Patel, i.e. a one-man shop, until one week before the function.
  • 43 lakh pots for a whopping INR 30 crore ($6.437M USD) to beautify the venues in Delhi. - First of all, pots? Secondly, Delhi police have told the CWG organisers that these pots cannot be placed anywhere near the venues for security reasons. Back go them pots.

All of this money comes from the pockets of the tax-paying public, and the Organizers are toying with the media, the junta, and the money itself.
I guess they figured it's Games with the Common Wealth after all, so what the heck.

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