Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's been a struggle coming up with a worthy first post. I haven't blogged or kept a diary/journal before, and have done little writing since I started studying engineering. Hopefully all of this'll change in the days to come.

I've decided that I'm going to need to blog about random-nothings, just so this doesn't become something I'll have to spend hours redrafting, ensuring that the lyrical quality is just right, that I've kept my apolitical views to myself, that the degree of philo in my writings touches a minimum intellect, etc.

For today's random highlight, dinner was dal-bhaat, with a side dish of tuna charred in soya sauce. Lip-smacking absolutely. If you haven't heard already, I'll have you know I'm more than your average dalletante. Oh, and I make the sidey-est wordplays ever. Keeps me going, gives me my thrills :-)

On the agenda tonight is a healthy dose of computer architecture. I have my semester's final exams coming up in two weeks and I figure it wouldn't kill me to get my work done before it does me in.

I've newly discovered the joys of playing Ballpop on the T200 Sony Ericsson phone (the baby blue one), and it makes the metro stops just whiz by on my way home from school. People do weird things and get good at it. Me, I'm going to break all records at this game.


Abe said...

ah, yes, Ballpop, those were fun days. Keep writing, mate...

indra said...

Writing writing, will keep writing, thanks for comments :)