Thursday, June 21, 2007

What know I

Here's a summary of the Hodgmanesque areas of my expertise:

1. Indian cricket - Stats, present and past. Venues across the country. Politics. U-19s to watch out for. A lucid understanding of the technique, fallacies and strengths of each of our batsmen and bowlers. The basics of bowling quick. Strategies to win the next two world cups. Note that I'm no longer sentimental about how the team does. Our prolonged mediocrity at this game, one we're all so invested in, has finally made me lose heart.

2. Hindi films - I'm fact-filled, but also emotionally attached to bollywood. I think these movies are a great way to raise your kids. You instill all the necessary values in 3 hour bursts. It's no longer an indefinite parenting responsibility. Just deposit impressionable kids at a Yash Raj (actually more B.R. Chopra or Barjatya) movie, and you'll have them touching your feet for years to come. There are always exceptions, be it movies or the kids themselves.

3. Indian writing in English - I connect well to a select few authors. Some of these folks, I've read inside out. While the field is vast, if you were to ask me about Malgudi, I'd do a decent job.

4. Photonics - Am unusually interested in the field. Particularly lasers. Yknow, to blow stuff up and all. But no, seriously, I'm a laser and semi-conductor enthusiast. I'm not sure why. Also, it's a cause I support..Every second, a gazillion photons give up their ghosts. How much longer will we look the other way?

5. Elegant math/logic puzzles - I lie. This is not an area of my expertise. It's only an area of interest.

6. Mainstream Hollywood - I've had some time on my hands. I know some stuff about the post 1990 era.

7. Comics [serious stuff this] - Asterix, Tintin, Calvin & Hobbes, Dilbert. Mastermind level on a good day.

8. Fashion - ok, no.

9. Project Management - You might want to take a look at my work blog. I've only just started on the blog, but I've put in a fair number of hours dissecting the field, straddling its dual nature of art somedays, science others.

10. ... in progress ...

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