Monday, April 17, 2006

Wingin' it

It's been said of me that I act before I think. And that I couldn't be bothered to actually do the thinking after.

That explains much. A recent survey I carried out showed that the junta here were not much impressed by my "Chicken World" anecdote.

Three chickens had only just flown the coop from a poultry farm. Two miles from the farm, as they lay down on a grassy knoll to reflect on their escapade, Pavneet, the bravest of the three, whistled a sad tune. Obalesh joined in on seconds and the third chicken, who didn't have a name, beatboxed.

Just then, it suddenly occurred to them that they were chickens, and it wasn't a very chickeny thing to a cappella the night away. They stopped. They decided they would be better off charting a course for the unknown that lay ahead.

At this point, Obalesh pointed out that nothing had changed, that they were still chickens and they didn't really have the brainpower for something like this.

The third chicken (one of those intense brooding types we see so often sitting on the far end of the cage, away from the feeder, ruminating on what could have been) decided to speak up. However, just as he was about to, he realised that he too was a chicken, and no chicken the world over had ever spoken. Thankfully, it didn't douse his plans much.

On a small sandy clearing in the knoll, the third chicken drew a map of the universe.

He then outlined a plan to take over this universe, overthrowing Bush and his cronies using ChickenFart TM, a secret weapon first developed by Google. It would infect humans that came in contact with any of the band of renegade chicken soldiers, the Nuggets.

* I can't reveal much more of the story. I'm hoping there'll be a movie. The screenplay is tentatively called Bird Flew.

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Abe said...

that was, strangely, ... brilliant. you should post more often. I stumbled upon this again after ages, since i'm fixing my blog...