Monday, April 10, 2006

Sunshine today

Trippy times

The undergrad career is careening to an end. Am bent back all the way over trying to land a job. But these are happy times. The weather's good. Yes, there's Sunshine Today, and perhaps some cricket in the offing... Or on the legging. :-) I kill myself.

I wish I knew where to get me some of those 'fast-twitch' muscles that these quicks have. Bowling at 140 is a distant dream, but what i wouldn't give.

The batting's going well, sweet spot and all. Solid defence, good ground shots, and all of that against some of the fastest pakis that be. Short ball will still do me in though.

Will update after I get a match in. Have to rally all the buggers. Stupid exams, nobody wants to come out and play.

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